SATs – Monitoring of administration  – May 2022

SATs Monitoring of administration    May 2022

Check of test paper security procedures

On 9th May 2022 I met with EC and AF to check the security procedures of the test papers. They showed how the tests are all kept in a locked cupboard within the school office and in the sealed boxes they were sent to school in. These boxes had been opened once upon arrival to confirm they contained the correct tests (and number of), then immediately sealed again with tape. This seal was signed/dated by AF when this took place. Each box had its contents labelled on the outside so that boxes were only opened when necessary.

The box containing the first test was removed from the cupboard and opened at which point I could see the sealed packets containing the tests. The sealed test packets were removed and counted, then the box sealed (and signed) again and put back in the cupboard which was locked.

Children were either in their normal class or special rooms for those with additional requirements; AF had a list of the children in each of these rooms. EC and AF took the sealed packets to each classroom, opening packets only when required, and counted out the required number of tests to the teachers in charge of each room. They ensured each teacher also had the front sheet from the test pack explaining the rules children had to follow. Once all tests were handed out, spare copies were returned to the box which was then sealed, signed, and returned to the locked cupboard.

Once the exam duration had expired, EC and AF returned to each class collecting the exam papers (which were counted), front sheets and any spare test papers. They proceeded to the Headteachers room which was locked while they organised tests papers alphabetically ensuring children had clearly written the correct information on the front page.  As per guidelines, any names on the front page that were illegible were transcribed. Completed exam papers were then placed in the appropriate official returns packaging for submission. The front sheets and unused papers were returned to the sealed box in the cupboard.

From witnessing their processes and actions I am happy the school and staff are following government security procedures for the storage, distribution, handling and returns of test papers.


R Fuller.


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