School closure home learning

Dear Parents / Carers

Please find below links to the home learning for your child whilst they are at home during the period of the school closure set by the government.


Timetables for 1st June 2020

Timetables for week 9 – set 18th May 2020

Timetables for weeks 7 and 8 – set 4th May 2020

Timetables for weeks 5 and 6 – set 20th April 2020

Timetables for weeks 3 and 4 – set 3rd April 2020

Timetables for weeks 1 and 2 – set 20th March 2020

In your pack, you have:

A Purplemash timetable, which shows what activities your child can complete each day. This is structured so that the child completes a reading activity, a quiz or questions about the reading activity, a different task to do with the reading, and finally, some maths activities. These activities will be set everyday by the class teacher and will receive feedback from the class teacher.

These activities will be posted every day in the morning, and should be completed by the end of that day. The next day, the new activity will be posted. This will be updated every 2 weeks and will be updated onto the website. (Please note, your child may have been given a timetable from the year above or the year below. This is differentiated to the level that your child is working at).

A Year group booklet is also included which shows the learning your child would have been completing if they were in school. This signposts you to websites that the children use within school and can be accessed from home.

There is also a double sided sheet which has a list of non-computer based activities and another page of information about excellent websites that are offering free use whilst the children are off school.

All passwords and user details are included within this pack.

We hope you enjoy some time spent with your children, teaching them and supporting them through this learning.

Many regards and best wishes for this time.

Mr Firkin and all staff.