School Council

As Holy Trinity is a large school we also have a large School Council! We currently have 36 school council members all working hard to represent our classes across the school.

How do you become a School Councillor?

In September two children are chosen from each class to represent the school.

If you would like to be in the School Council you have to talk to your class about why you think you would be good in this position.

Your class will then vote to select their School Council representative for the year.

The School Council works hard all year to make sure that improvements are made to the school

We have done lots of exciting things:

1. Attended School Council events

2. Changed our assembly songs so that KS1 and KS2 children sang different songs

3. Chosen songs to sing in assembly

4. Interviewed two politicians

5. Completed a questionnaire across the school to see how children felt about Holy Trinity.

6. Shared ideas with our classes and gave our own opinions in the meetings