School Media Channel

On Tuesday 11 December 2012 we launched our new YouTube channel. It is aimed at parents and carers as a useful source of informational videos

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Just a few videos at the moment but it will grow and become a really useful tool for parents, carers and others to view videos about the school as well as various events and activities. We hope you find them informative and helpful.

Our pupils have made some briliant video clips and we hope a few of these willl be available very soon so do keep watching.The channel is aimed at parents and carers but we hope soon to include some of the amazing video clips our pupils have made and these will probably be of interest to a wider audience.

Our channel will offer only media suitable for all ages but parents and carers need to be aware that other YouTube channels, for which the school has no responsibility, do include age restricted content. Normally age restricted content can only be accessed by using a password protected account. However, as with any social networking websites, this is open to misuse so parents and carers should supervise their children’s access to the Internet at all times.

If the need arises to add videos that are only suitable for a restricted audience we will make them private. This will mean that they can only be viewed by specific YouTube account holders.

Please post comment on our channel and the individual videos to let us know what you think. Comments will be checked before they are displayed.

If you find any inappropriate content on other channels it should be reported to YouTube, not to the school.

At the moment pupils cannot access YouTube in school but we will be reviewing this policy to see if it is possible to provide adequate supervision to enable this policy to be relaxed so that pupils can make use of the many excellent educational videos now available on YouTube.

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