UFO crashes into the school field at HTP!

Year 1 were first on the scene when a UFO crashed into the school field. The children were alerted that there had been a big crash on the field and were called to investigate the disturbance. Upon their arrival onto the field they could see a large black spaceship with broken legs. Mrs Spence approached the UFO with caution and found three aliens inside. They were too frightened to come out, but the children worked really hard to convince them that we are not scary, so in the end they revealed themselves. Each of the aliens have been adopted by the classes now and have been made at home by the children.

The purpose of this was to kick off our ‘All about me’ topic. Children had to describe themselves to convince the aliens that we weren’t scary. The aliens also brought alien words with them for the children to start practising in preparation for the phonics test next year.



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