Pond Diary

We looked at the school pond, there was no wildlife and there were a few new sprouting plants. Some plants were dying because it was really cold and there was lots of ice and frost. Secondly more about the animals, there were no animals because they were hibernating but did you know northern leopard frogs don’t hibernate they swim right to the bottom of the pond. More about the pond, now in the pond we saw lots of ice. I threw a rock to see if we could smash the ice and we succeeded in doing that. A bit more about the plant life, mostly all of the plant life had gone dull or brown there was not really a lot living in the garden pond but there was one plant on the edge of the pond it was really green. It was shining everywhere from the reflection of the sun, all the ice melted and we took pictures to show what a lovely place the pond is.

by Reece and Alex