Year 1 visit Nothe Fort

First we arrived at school as normal. We had a little play in the classroom and lots of grown-ups came to help us on our trip. We walked from school to the Nothe Fort in the sunshine. When we were halfway there we spotted the Disney cruise ship in the bay! When we arrived at the fort we had our snack. After snack, we went underground into a World War II shelter where an air raid siren was played. Some of us found it quite scary!

We saw real guns which had been used in World War II. We also saw a big map showing where bombs landed in Weymouth during World War II.  One bomb nearly hit our old school, which is very near to where our school is now.

We saw four flags which were England, Scotland, Dorset and the Union Jack.

We enjoyed the trip. Callum said “It was awesome!”. Thank you to the grown-ups for helping us on this lovely trip!

By Tom D and Callum M


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