Year 2 design and make board games

Year 2 are designing and making board games.  We start by thinking about the theme of the game, the layout and decoration. We draw a sketch of our plan on A2 size paper. Once we have completed our plan, we draw it carefully onto A3 size paper using pencils. When we are happy with our design, we go over the pencil marks with handwriting pen and then colour and decorate the game. Finally we write clear instructions on how the players play the game.

Some things we have found a bit tricky are coming up with ideas and going over the pencil lines with handwriting pen. Planning our ideas first is useful as it helps us find out what doesn’t work and if it needs changing.

Some of our games include Scooby Doo, snails and Under the Water themes.

Here are some examples of our work so far (click images to enlarge):



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