Year 2 enjoy Roald Dahl

Our topic this term is Roald Dahl books.  Last week we looked at George’s Marvellous Medicine. We found this book really funny and liked the bit where Grandma grows really tall and pops out through the roof! Some of us watched a cartoon version of the story and others read the book and wrote a diary about the story. We had to think about the characters and write a description of their behaviour and their appearance.

This week we are focussing on The Twits. Our teacher read a description of Mrs Twit. We have written similarities and differences between Mrs Twit and Grandma.

The similarities include:

  • Both Grandma and Mrs Twit are mean.
  • They are both old.
  • They have both got bad teeth.
  • Neither Grandma nor Mrs Twit have learnt our school values of respect and harmony!

The differences include:

  • Grandma is nosier than Mrs Twit.
  • Mrs Twit is meaner than Grandma because she pretends she needs a walking stick for her bad foot but she actually uses the stick to hit children, cats and dogs!
  • Mrs Twit has a glass eye. One eye looks one way and the other eye looks the other way!
  • Grandma is thinner than Mrs Twit.

We are enjoying reading Roald Dahl books.

By Amelia, Pheobe and Evan


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  1. Steve H June 12, 2017 at 3:58 pm #

    All the children seem to have enjoyed this book by a famous auther, Roald DAHL and they are keen to read another one.

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