Year 2 Pirate Day!

We had a pirate day when we came to school dressed up as pirates.

We made pirate flags using black, white and red paper. We cut out scary pirate flags from the paper which we will display in our classrooms.

We learnt about shipwrecks and smugglers; smugglers stole things late at night from ships, hid them in the bushes overnight so they wouldn’t be found out. Early in the morning, the smugglers would return to collect the things they had stolen and take them home.

We made ‘pirate wanted’ posters. We drew faces of pirates and their hats and coloured them in carefully.

We had a visit from Pirate Dave. He told us lots of pirate facts including:

  • Pirates were known as privateers, which means they shared their stolen goods with the Queen.
  • The Queen Anne’s Revenge is the most famous pirate ship.
  • Black Beard is the most horrible pirate in the high seas because he kills lots of other pirates.

Pirate Dave also told us some stories about smugglers, pirates, pirate ships and the crew.

We had a really good day!

Our home learning that week was to make some pirate-related items, some of which we have brought in to school.

By Cody, Charlie, Grace and Olivia

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  1. Steve H June 12, 2017 at 4:10 pm #

    hope they enjoyed pirate day. like the pictures.

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