Year 2 visit Portland Museum

Year 2 visited Portland Museum by coach. When we arrived we were split into two groups.  One group were spoken to by a guide called Keith who told us about pirates and smuggling.  Keith had a selection of objects which he showed us.  They were things which were smuggled in the days when pirates were active. Keith showed us a quill pen, some spices – ginger, vinegar, salt and mixed spice – and some peacock feathers.  The guide called Lisa told the other group about a ship called The Forest which crashed into another boat called The Avalanche.  Three men from The Avalanche ship jumped onto The Forest ship before The Avalanche sank to the bottom of the sea. The Forest sank as well but survivors managed to sail to safety in lifeboats.

After lunch we walked to a pirates’ graveyard where we saw a tombstone with a skull & crossbones sign on it.  This sign means there is a pirate buried in it. We saw lots of graves and we looked at the dates of death and the ages and names of the people who had died. Some of the graves were dated 1890.

We walked back to the museum to get our bags and have a snack before the coach came to take us back to school.

We loved the trip and are very thankful to the people who helped.

By Joseph, Jacob and Kaylin



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