Year 3 Charmouth trip

Year 3 went on a school trip to Charmouth to learn more about our fossil topic. When we arrived we got into groups and went into a room where a lady gave us a talk about fossil hunting in Charmouth. The lady showed us a film about fossils and gave us some tips about finding them – we had to look for grey rocks which were more likely to have fossils in them.  She also gave us a safety talk about not going near the cliffs which could collapse.

We walked down to the beach and started hunting for fossils.  The walk took us about 10 minutes and it was quite slippery, so we had to be careful! We worked in pairs searching for fossils and we all found some to bring home.  We found ammonites, belemnites and sea glass which was coloured dark blue, dark green, white or red.


We had our lunch back in the fossil room. We had great fun, but it was quite a tiring day!

By Riley, Flo, Yasmin and Chelsea



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