Year 4 create a stink!

We have been reading the story of Mr Stink written by David Walliams. We spent some time discussing the ‘back story’ – we had to take sentences out of the book and make deductions and inferences about the character Mr Stink.  We found this task fairly easy as the book is written well, using lots of descriptive words.

Then we had to create a character profile, noting Mr Stink’s appearance, or other characters in the book, for example Raj the local newsagent.

We made up a character and wrote about them, using apostrophes, personal and possessive pronouns. Possessive apostrophes need an apostrophe to show that it belongs to someone, for example Mr Stink’s pet. Personal pronouns include the words ‘she’, ‘they’, ‘he’ and ‘you’. Possessive pronouns include the words ‘his’, ‘hers’, ‘theirs’, ‘ours’, ‘yours’.

Next, we planned a back story to create our own story based on Mr Stink. We used Mr Stink as the main character but made up our own characters as well, including a pet for Mr Stink. We used dialogue punctuation including inverted commas, contraction and possessive apostrophes. Then we planned our story before writing the opening, the next paragraphs and the ending.

We will be writing our whole story on lined paper to bring all our work together.

We have found some things a little tricky, for example using possessive apostrophes and inverted commas. Writing in the first person was quite a challenge as you have to think you are the character and how you feel.

We have enjoyed creating our own story, thinking of different characters and what they do and what has happened to them.

All our stories have seen the pets go missing or taken away because they weren’t being looked after properly. We used adjectives and embedded clauses to describe our pets.

We have used our imagination to create our stories, which we are very proud of! Here are some examples of our work (click to enlarge):

By Lucie, Orlagh, Maisie and Chloe

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