Year 4 Roman day!

We had a Roman day at school on Thursday 6th December and dressed up as Romans or Celts.

We made wreaths from coloured paper, drawing lines to add detail to leaves and cut them out.  Our teachers measured our heads and we stuck the leaves onto card which was then put around our heads to wear.

We learnt a song about Roman numerals:

  • I is 1
  • II is 2
  • III is 3
  • IV is 4
  • V is 5
  • VI is 6
  • VII is 7
  • VIII is 8
  • IX is 9
  • X is 10

We shared a sheet with a partner and we had to write Roman numerals up to 100.

We designed our own mosaics on paper by colouring in shapes. Some of us made our initials and others made different patterns.

We tried some Roman-style food.  This included feta cheese, olives, pitta bread, grapes and honey cake. Sadie’s favourite food was pitta bread, Oliver’s favourite was the olives, Faye’s was the feta cheese and Phoebe’s favourite was the honey cake.

We had made shields and we marched around the MUGA and did ‘tortoise’ formations with some of us holding our shields above our heads, others holding them in front of us for protection from Celts trying to attack.  The Year 2 children came to watch us and marched around with us!

Our Roman day helped us learn about the Romans and we enjoyed it.

By Phoebe, Faye, Sadie and Oliver




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  1. Mrs Borries December 13, 2018 at 9:09 pm #

    Great report Phoebe, Faye, Sadie and Oliver! I am glad that you enjoyed our Roman day – I had fun too!

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