Year 4 Wallace & Gromit tasks

During our Big Write, we had to write an explanation text about Wallace & Gromit’s Snoozatron.  The Snoozatron is a machine to help Wallace get to sleep. We had to use time connectives, such as ‘after’, ‘finally’ and ‘firstly’, and causal connectives, such as ‘because’, ‘so’, ‘as’, ‘despite’ and ‘although’. We watched a video of the Snoozatron so we could describe it in our books.

Our teachers have received a letter from Wallace offering £1000 if we can find a missing chicken, but we will receive 1000 house points. The chicken stole the designs of Wallace & Gromit’s inventions. We have designed a contraption to trap the chicken, which we think is Mr Firkin!

Here are some examples of our work so far (click to enlarge):

By Jaiden, Esmée, Sky and Jake



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  1. Esmee May 27, 2018 at 8:06 am #

    Well done year four outstanding work

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