Year 4’s visit to Safewise

Year 4 visited Safewise, just behind Weymouth Fire Station. Safewise teaches you about being safe, especially in your home and on roads.

When we arrived, we did a quiz on a ‘genie pad’, answering questions about being safe.  Our class (4P) scored 50%.  We then spent the day learning about safety and repeated the quiz at the end of the day when we scored 98%. We learnt a lot!

We explored a pretend house, walking around the kitchen, bedroom and living room looking for the dangers. We learnt about the risks of smoking cigarettes – not only the risk to your health but also if they’re not put out properly, they can cause a fire. In the kitchen, there are lots of risks including irons – you can burn yourself or if you leave it switched on and unattended it could catch fire.  Toasters can cause lots of smoke and catch fire. You should not wear headphones whilst cooking because you can’t hear what’s happening around you.  Smoke alarms should be in the hall or outside the kitchen – not in the kitchen, otherwise you can become used to it and ignore it. You should test your smoke alarm regularly to make sure it works.

We learnt that if there is a fire and smoke comes under the door, you should stuff clothing or other material into the gap to stop the smoke coming in. Hair straighteners should not be left on your bed as they can get very hot and catch fire. Never put the front of your palm against a door to check for fire as the nerves in your palm are more sensitive – you should always use the back of your hand.

Outside we learnt about road safety. One of the crossings was called a zebra crossing and another was called a pelican crossing.  Zebra crossings don’t have lights to stop the traffic but pelican crossing do. At any crossing you must keep your feet on the pavement until it is safe to cross. If you’re partly across a crossing, and hear an emergency vehicle approaching, you should look to see where it is coming from and if it approaches the crossing, you should go to the end that you’re closest to – the emergency vehicles have right of way.

If a lollipop lady or man puts up their lollipop to stop the traffic, you should not cross the road until the lollipop man/lady tells you it is safe to cross.

At the end of the day Miss Draper and Miss Promy had a race on mobility scooters.  Miss Draper won, but we found out that she had gone through a red light! We think Miss Draper should have been disqualified!

We learnt lots of safety information at Safewise; it was a very useful and enjoyable day.

By Faith, Levi and Jayden


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  1. Miss Draper May 14, 2018 at 5:18 pm #

    Well done Faith, Levi and Jayden for writing a fantastic blog all about our trip to Safewise. It certainly was a brilliant day. One day, maybe Miss Promy and I can race again to see who the ultimate mobility race winner is…!

    P.S I’m pretty sure Miss Promy went through the red light too!

    Miss Draper

  2. Mrs Borries May 14, 2018 at 9:19 pm #

    This is a great write-up of our fantastic trip to Safewise! The increase in your score by the end of the day was brilliant and showed how well you had all been listening!! Great work 4P!!
    PS Naughty Miss Draper going through a red light though!!!!

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