Year 5 and The Lost Words Campaign

On Wednesday, we received a visit from Richard Bradford who is campaigning for every primary school in Dorset to have a copy of a book called The Lost Words, written by Robert Macfarlane and illustrated by Jackie Morris. This book contains spell-poems about words which are no longer used by children, are being removed from the junior dictionary and replaced by more technical and trending words. Richard Bradford told us he is trying to raise money to ensure that every primary school receives a copy of the book.  He received the book himself for Christmas and shortly after he bought a copy for the Kingfisher children’s ward at Dorset County Hospital.

Some of the words which are being lost include acorn, adder, ivy, otter, conker, magpie, raven, heron, kingfisher, willow, wren, newt, starling, bluebell and weasel.  Part of the reason these words are being lost is because children don’t tend to go outside exploring these days; they tend to stay indoors and play computer games or watch TV and YouTube. The beauty of The Lost Words is that it encourages children to seek, learn and speak about the things that can be found outside.

We enjoyed Richard Bradford’s visit as he was very kind and caring and had some fascinating thoughts on the subject.  He loves otters but hates adders!

You can donate to the campaign at

By Elliott and Lily W




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  1. Lily January 6, 2019 at 4:31 pm #

    Richard’s visit was amazing!

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