Year 5 have been very busy since coming back to school after Easter.


This week we visited Safewise at Weymouth Fire Station where you learn about fire safety and road safety.

On arrival we went to a room where safety officers told us about what we would be doing during the day.  Firstly we did a quiz which had ten questions about safety, including ‘Do you have a working smoke alarm?’, ‘How often should you check that your smoke alarm is working?’ and ‘Where should you put your feet when you are about to cross the road?’

Then we went into a room where you had to look for hazards, for example a knife in a toaster, straighteners on the bed, a candle on a TV, a dad smoking a cigarette and putting it down on the sofa and a child throwing a lit match into a bin.

Later we went into a room which showed the after effects of the hazards in the first room where we saw the  toaster had exploded, the candle had burnt through the TV and the cigarette had burnt the sofa.  We were told that the fire hadn’t reached the bedroom because the doors were closed.

After lunch we went outside and learnt about road safety. We learnt that if there is a Police car or ambulance approaching a crossing showing a red light to vehicles, emergency vehicles can still go through as long as there is no one walking on the crossing.

We learnt about hoax calls where people make unnecessary phone calls to the emergency services.  The Fire Brigade have to respond which means they are potentially taken away from real emergencies. This could lead to  property being destroyed or even people dying. If a property is on fire, you should never go back inside, even for your favourite belongings; things can be replaced but people can’t!

We really enjoyed the trip and learnt lots of information. At the end of the day, we repeated the quiz and our class scores improved by up to 40%!

Spelling Bee

We are having a spelling competition where we start off with heats.  There are three groups; Group A, Group B and Group C. We all sit in chairs and write down the spelling which our teacher pulls out of a pot. Group A use the 200 common words list, eg clothes, am, metre.  Group B use the Year 3 and 4 spelling words list and Group C use the Years 5 and 6 spelling words, eg accommodate, yacht, pronunciation. If you spell all the words correctly in your heats, you get through to the final, which is next Monday.  The winner of each group will get housepoints and other prizes.  Good luck everybody!!

By Katie and Fynn

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