Year 5 Victorian visit to Scaplen’s Court

As part of our Victorian topic, we visited Scaplen’s Court in Poole.  Year 5 dressed as Victorians and we took the coach to Poole.

We experienced life as Victorians – it was scary, especially Mrs Jelly (who showed us around) when she was playing the role of a Victorian!

We played Victorian games such as the ring and string game where we had to pass a ring around some string, held by a group of children and try to hide the ring with our hands so that the person in the middle of the group could not guess who had the ring. This was a fun game but was quite tricky as we kept getting the ring stuck in knots or dropping the string and the ring onto the ground, which gave away its location!  We also saw lots of original Victorian toys and objects in glass cabinets, including a china face doll which was very creepy.

We spent some time in a Victorian classroom using chalk and fountain pens with a nib.  The fountain pens were difficult to use as the nibs were scratchy and the ink didn’t flow easily.  When we struggled to get the ink out, we shook the pen, and ink went everywhere! Mr Firkin, in role as the Victorian teacher, told us to write with the hand we don’t usually use. In Victorian times, all children were forced to write with their right hand.  This experience showed us that Victorian children were forced out of their comfort zones and made to write with the hand which did not feel natural.

Some children prepared soup in the Victorian kitchen, others made scones and pancakes.  To make soup, we had to wash and chop vegetables, including onions – which made us cry! We picked herbs from the garden, including bay leaves, rosemary and sage. We put all the vegetables and herbs into a saucepan and Mrs Jelly drowned them in water and was supposed to heat it until it was as soft as a lion’s mane! Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to make the vegetables soft, so it was a bit crunchy when we ate it, but it was delicious!

We enjoyed the day, which was fun, exciting and exhausting. We are glad we live in 2018!

By Amber and Daniel



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