Year 5 visited by naturalist photographer

Year 5 was visited by Iain, a photographer of nature, who came to show us his photos and share some of his knowledge of nature and capturing it on film. Iain explained that to catch the right picture, you have to be very patient. He also explained some of the features of cameras which we did not know, including the flower icon on cameras which focuses to get the best image.

We particularly liked the photo Iain showed us of a kingfisher sleeping, which he took in his garden early one morning. Early morning is a good time to see wildlife as they are just waking up. Iain told us this was the first pictures of a robin sleeping, which surprised us as we thought photographers earlier in time may have captured this already.

In different groups, Year 5 went up to the school garden with a camera per pair, which Iain lent us. Iain gave us some good tips to get the best possible photos.  He suggested we put the camera as close to the subject as possible. We were able to climb up the tree house in the school garden to take photos from different angles and heights for an alternative perspective.  Iain will select the best photos and send them back to us. Iain is also making photography books about animals and nature and he may include some of our photos (hopefully!)

We learnt that if you wait for the precise moment, you could take the best photo you have ever taken! We enjoyed Iain’s visit.  We hope he will visit us and inspire us again!

By George, Miley and Rhianna


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