Year 5: Walk Like An Egyptian

Egyptian Day

On Monday, all of Year 5 came to school dressed up as Egyptians, including the teachers! We had a range of different activities throughout the day in each classroom. In Miss Heightley’s class we made bookmarks, using Hieroglyphics, on Papyrus paper. In Mrs Johnston’s class we played a board game called Senet. Then at the end of the day we made Egyptian bracelets with Mrs Penn.

Also during the day, we went down to the hall and each class showed their Egyptian dance, which Mrs Jones had taught us. Then after each dance, some people received certificates for best artefact (home learning), best project (home learning) and best Egyptian costume.

See below, some of our fantastic costumes! (Apologies that not all children’s photographs are shown – the camera stopped working!!) Written by Hollie and Kaci

Slam Poetry

5P have been looking at slam poetry. This week we have planned our own poems and started to write our own slam poetry. The topics range from emojis to unicorns, flowers and football! We will be holding a slam poetry competition after Easter. Written by Hollie and Kaci

Death Masks

This week, 5P continued and completed our Death Masks. They turned out great.

Easter Bonnet Parade

On the last day of term, we started the day off with watching the Year 1, Year 2 and Reception Easter Bonnet Parade in the MUGA. We saw a range of hats, such as bunnies, chicks, eggs and feathers…lots of feathers!! Very colourful creations were made. Well done Key Stage 1 and Reception children! Written by Hollie and Kaci


5P wish everybody a well-deserved Easter Holiday!

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