Year 6 bombs away!

On Monday morning, we were told to go outside onto the circle area in the playground.  We were told that, over the weekend, our caretaker Mr Allen had been digging up the trim trail and had discovered an unexploded World War Two bomb.  We were shown the bomb, which was still partly in the ground, and yellow rounders posts had been placed around the area as a safety precaution. We were told that Mr Allen had, upon making the discovery, phoned 999 and Police cars and helicopters arrived. Residents had been evacuated from the area. We were all convinced that this was true!

We were rather concerned about the bomb but it also made us think about what it must have been like to have lived during the war with bombs being dropped quite regularly. Because of our harbour, Weymouth and Portland was bombed during the war and other unexploded bombs have been discovered in the area.  We were shown a copy of the Dorset Echo with a report of this bomb being found in our school grounds. Some of us noticed that the colour of the Dorset Echo logo was blue instead of green, which made us a little suspicious about the story! We were told at lunchtime that it was a fake story but it was a very good way of boosting our thoughts about our World War II project!

As part of our weekly ‘Big Write’, we will be writing a newspaper-style report about the discovery of the bomb. We will probably research facts about bombs which were dropped in the area, especially the Rodwell Trail which is close to our school and homes.

We were all quite amused by this event!

By Joel, Hollie and Daisy



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