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Year 2’s Red Nose Day!

On Friday 24th March, we had Red Nose Day at school. We all dressed in red clothes and brought £1 to donate to the charity which raises money to help people in the United Kingdom and Africa. Some of us bought some red noses which we wore during the day. After school there was a read more »

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ValuesBoard (2)

Year 2 Harmony and Respect display

As part of our school values, we have created a display board for the values of harmony and respect. We started by painting our feet with purple, blue, red, green and yellow paints (which tickled!) and very lightly pressed our feet onto a canvas board which was on the floor to make a footprint picture. We left this read more »

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2P and the BFG

Our teacher Miss Gomm has read to us two chapters of The Big Friendly Giant, a story by Roald Dahl. We are enjoying the story so far, especially the funny words like snozzcumber – which is like a cucumber with black stripes, a food which the BFG eats. In the story, other giants are scared of read more »

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Class 2P Huddling Penguins!

We have been learning more about penguins.  We have learnt that they huddle together in groups in order to keep each other warm. The largest penguins are Emperor penguins, who can grown to around 122cm tall.  Emperor penguins can live for around 20 years. The smallest penguins are the Little Blue penguins who grow to around 33cm read more »

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Class 2P globes and penguins

Most of Class 2P have finished decorating their globes.  We took our globes home and cut out the continents and oceans from sheets we had been given.  Using glue, we added the seven continents (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australia) and the five oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian, Antarctic). You can see read more »

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Class 2P create world globes

As part of our Circle of Life topic, we are making world globes using balloons, newspaper, water and glue.  We blew up a balloon each and Miss Gomm tied the balloons for us to stop the air coming out.  We then took shredded pieces of newspaper and stuck them to the outside of our balloons read more »

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Our school garden

Our school garden was open last weekend for the National Gardens Scheme.  Lots of people came to see our beautiful garden, including staff and governors from other schools. £305 was raised by selling  drinks and yummy cakes. By Ryley  and Alfie Click here to view photographs of our garden

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Celebration Assembly in the garden

Year 2 had a celebration assembly. Our parents came to see our work in our classrooms and the school garden. Thank you to parents for coming, and thank you to the Garden Gang for looking after our beautiful and colourful garden. Click here to view some photographs of our garden. By Ellis and Naomi

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