Governor Visit Report – 26 January 2017

The School Council invited me to meet with them to discuss the recent visit from Mr Neil Revell, from the Diocese of Salisbury. Mr Revell had recently met representatives of the School Council from both KS1 and KS2 and the Councillors were keen to share with the Governance Board what the interviews had been like, what questions they had been asked (together with their answers) and most importantly how much they had enjoyed meeting Mr Revell.

A powerpoint presentation was given by two Year 6 Councillors, which worked very well, demonstrating a real enthusiasm for using whiteboard and ICT technology. The other Councillors sat quietly but were able to add to the conversation when asked.

The Councillors were able to articulate clearly the school’s values and openly discuss the importance of what they learn in their RE lessons and Collective Worship. The School Prayer was discussed together with the Lord’s Prayer.

After the presentation, myself and Mrs Newstead were asked questions as to the role of the Governance Board, the types of decisions we were involved in making – which in itself was a loaded question! Having explained our “strategic” role, we were then asked to consider and discuss with the Governance Board the School Councillor’s suggestion that the staff be required to wear uniform. It would seem that following Mrs Ludlow’s presentation to pupils about the importance of good attendance (in which she wore HTP uniform), has fired the pupil’s imagination! I agreed that this would be raised at our next FGB meeting.

I explained that a new vicar would shortly be introduced to the school and asked for some hints to pass on to him to ensure he knows what our pupils like – teddy bears and Bible stories!

We then went on to discuss the School Prayer which is too long to learn easily – especially for the KS1 pupils. I asked the Councillors to start thinking of some new ideas for a new prayer, so that when our new vicar starts, the first project he can work on with the school is the introduction of a new prayer. This idea was greeted with great enthusiasm and Mr Joy agreed to liaise with Miss Withers and Mrs Daykin to get the ball rolling.

We thanked the Councillors for their time and it was agreed that when the new vicar arrives that I would introduce him to them.

Helen Keedy


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