Governors’ school walk

21st October 2016


Guides: Three Year 6 Pupils

We were met by three Year 6 students and given a guided tour of the school. This covered the entire floor plan of the school, both storeys including outside around the perimeter of the school grounds.

The theme for the day was Stone Age so the children were dressed in suitable animal-like fur costumes which added to the experience.

The pupils were superbly briefed and delivered helpful details about the school at each stop. The corridors were beautifully decorated with meaningful craft and pictures. In particular we discussed the school values which were ever present through the school (faith, respect, harmony, lifelong learning). Most importantly the children could discuss these values, and articulate which one meant the most to them individually. One of the children said he was a Muslim, and described in a very mature way how the school was able to accommodate his faith for him and his siblings, and how his faith was respected in our School.

After the tour one of the year 6 classes debated the origins of Stone Henge, and their beliefs as to its purpose. The whole class engaged in this lively but respectful debate, which ranged from a spiritual healing place to a UFO landing site. However all sides were heard, all views were considered and challenged in a respectful manner: it was amazing to see – a real privilege

In summary the key points we took away:

  • The school and corridor and classroom displays looked pristine, modern and engaging
  • The children were enthusiastic and articulate with a real love for their School
  • The school values were visibly clear but most importantly embraced and understood by the children
  • The recent improvements to the school e.g. the computer suite had clearly created excitement amongst the children inspiring their learning journey
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