Outdoor Learning parents and carers join in!

Recently, parents and carers of the Outdoor Learning team were invited to see what we have been doing.

We showed our parents and carers all the outdoor learning techniques that Mr Grey has taught us throughout the year. These techniques include challenging our own abilities and increasing our potential to learn new skills; instead of staying indoors on computer games, we have worked outside in the school grounds.  We have enjoyed making swings with tyres and ropes. We have had to work as a team to clear space for our constructions and to complete our work safely. Our parents and carers stayed all afternoon and helped us to make a football goal, which we played with. Also we hung up an old car tyre to see who could kick the football through it! Ryley T managed to get it through just before Kacey did!

We have learnt to behave appropriately outdoors, in class and outside of school. Mr Grey is a calming teacher and he helps us with our learning.

Here are some photos of the visit:

By Kacey and Ryley


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