Read all about School Council interview with Mrs Snell!


We interviewed Mrs Snell, the School’s Parent Support Advisor.  Read the interview below:







Questions Answer
What is your job? I work to support parents and families in lots of ways. One thing I have been working on is improving attendance in the school.
How do you know which class has the best attendance? I look on SIMS and at the registers
Why do we have awards and posters about attendance Do we think learning is important?I put up the posters to show how learning is affected by children coming late to school.
Which class has the best attendance all year? I would have to go and have a look but it would be one of the Year Six classes
What do you do to help parents? Lots of things. Sometimes parents like to have a chat with me. Sometimes children are just joining the school and sometimes they need more information about the school
Why is your job so important? I work with the governors to improve the attendance of children and hope that this helps with their learning.
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