Year 3 visit Dippy!

‘Dippy’ the Diplodocus is a plaster cast model of the fossil of a dinosaur who was found in Western America in 1898. The original fossil is still in America but a plaster cast was on display at the Natural History Museum in London until 2017 when Dippy went on tour.  The model is now in the Dorchester Museum and Year 3 went to see Dippy.  We did some activities at the Museum which included fossil finding; we were given  a tray filled with sand and we had to brush the sand away to find the hidden fossils.  Our teams found fossils of what looked like a baby eel, a bone, and possibly a part of an Ichthyosaur.  We then had to find fossils of meat eating dinosaurs.  We were given a sheet of fossils to look for in a room. We found belemnites and ammonites. These are both types of squid but ammonites float to the top of the water because they are round and belemnites sink so they are easier to find as fossils buried in sedimentary rock. When we went fossil hunting in Charmouth we were told to stay away from the cliffs and not to take any rocks from the cliffs as this could cause a landslide – it is important to be careful when searching for fossils.

We were surprised by the size of Dippy.  It is believed that Dippy was around 50 years old when he died. His plaster cast model was carefully put together in Dorchester Museum and it is a very tight squeeze to fit him in!  We enjoyed our visit to Dippy!


By Bailey, Caitlyn, Leo, Gabriell, Riley, Lily



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