Class 5H music and art

Music We have been learning about the song ‘Living on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi. We have listened to the song and then learnt the lyrics.  We have discussed the meaning of the lyrics and described the emotions of the song. We found the song linked to our school values, for example the harmony of read more »

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Class 4T make Christmas cards

We have been creating designs for 2017 Christmas cards. We were given some design ideas which we could use for our own card. Using paints and coloured pens, we have created designs which will be sent off to a printing company to be transformed into proper Christmas cards or magnets, keyrings, bags, t-shirts and mugs. We read more »

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Class 3P learn about balanced diets

We have been learning about balanced diets. There are five food groups; protein, fats & sugar, carbohydrates, dairy and fruits & vegetables. You need to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day to keep your body healthy. Although fats and sugars give you a burst of energy, it doesn’t last. You need some carbohydrate read more »

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Class 3T make paper hats

Firstly, we watched a video on how to make paper hats. The video was paused after each step so we could follow it and each make a paper hat. Then, working in pairs, using whiteboards and pens, we wrote down instructions on how to make a paper hat. We had to think very carefully about each step to make the read more »

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Forest School News

At Holy Trinity School, we have started a Forest School group.  This group has been set up to help pupils with self-confidence and team building skills, working outside within the school grounds.  The group is run by Mr Grey and currently there are ten Year 6 pupils who meet every Friday afternoon and work in two read more »

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Class 5P learning about Victorians

We have been creating information posters about Victorian workhouses. We researched on the internet and in books to find interesting facts. If a Policeman found someone living on the street, they were taken to the workhouse where their hair was shaved off, they were given a workhouse uniform, they had to bathe in freezing cold water read more »

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Class 5T learning about Victorians

Our topic this term is the Victorians.  We have been learning about workhouses. We have researched online and from books the conditions of Victorian workhouses.  Poor people who were living on the streets often ended up in workhouses.  The conditions were very bad; baths were taken with freezing cold water, the food was bread and read more »

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Class 4H Romans

This term we will be learning about the Romans.  We have found out about what they wore. Their clothing included tunics, cloaks, leather boots and protective helmets which were very decorative.  The Romans carried weapons like javelins, swords and daggers. They had protective shields which were patterned and colourful. We have produced a timeline to read more »

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Class 3H super skeletons

We have been learning about exoskeletons and endoskeletons. Creatures which have hard shells, for example scorpions, crabs, lobsters and turtles, are exoskeletons; their bony structure is on the outside and their fleshy skin is on the inside. As crabs grow bigger, they shed their shells, pull themselves out of the small shell and grow a read more »

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