Y4RomanDay (3)

Year 4 Roman day!

We had a Roman day at school on Thursday 6th December and dressed up as Romans or Celts. We made wreaths from coloured paper, drawing lines to add detail to leaves and cut them out.  Our teachers measured our heads and we stuck the leaves onto card which was then put around our heads to read more »

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Great Fire of Holy Trinity

Today our year 2 pupils witnessed their own tiny version of the Great Fire of London. They watched as the wind blew the flames from house to house until the blaze engulfed the entire town. The memorable event was thoroughly enjoyed by the pupils and staff who now have a greater understanding of the event read more »

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Sheltered from the rain.

Good evening all. As the heavens decided to well and truly open after school, our gardening club took the opportunity to enjoy some garden inspired art.  Sycamore seed dragonflies were on the menu and making them was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend our time in the dry and warm.  

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