Holy Trinity Primary School is an open school, where we believe in working in partnership with parents and carers. We aim to keep you well informed about your child’s education. You are encouraged to keep in regular contact with your child’s class teacher.

We are always willing to spare a few moments for a chat, unless we have other engagements. Formal consultations are arranged throughout the school year, when children’s progress is discussed. In the Summer Term, all children receive an end of year report from their teacher.

If, during the year, you wish to have a lengthy discussion with your child’s teacher, an appointment with the teacher can be made for a mutually convenient time. It is very important that you keep the school informed of any important changes that may affect your child. Please let us know promptly about any medical, physical or emotional difficulties of which you may become aware.

Helping in the School

We value any help which you can give at our school, whether it be working with children in the classroom or helping generally around the school. Any such help not only benefits the school, it also benefits your child. It shows that you value the school, are part of the school community and are interested in what is happening. Such a positive view can only encourage positive attitudes in the children.

If you would like to help at any time, either regularly or on an occasional basis, please contact your child’s class teacher. In accordance with the Dorset L.E.A. policy all voluntary helpers are asked to complete a Police Clearance form.