Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School & Community Nursery


Our History curriculum is ambitious and designed for all pupils, utilizing high-quality resources to ensure that our curriculum is as good as it can be. It is coherently planned, aligning itself to the National Curriculum. The curriculum is sequenced so that the children gain the necessary knowledge and skills to prosper in as informed and active citizens in the 21st century.

Our emphasis is not just on historical knowledge and skills, which is progressive through the phases. Also, we want to encourage our children to think and behave like a historian. Our pupils, through their own experiences in life, will be able to talk confidently and appreciate the most significant features of different themes, individuals, societies and events covered and to be able to sequence them chronologically. Comparing the similarities, differences and changes within and across some topics is also important so the children prove they can think critically. Knowing the cause and effects of a range of events, explaining the significance and understanding how somebody can have different interpretations of the same event or person is crucial to being a Historian at HTP. We encourage our pupils to think like Historians, carrying out enquiries to argue their viewpoints. To do this, the children will use a range of different sources, being aware of the reliability of the source.

Across all year groups, there are recurring key threads within our History Curriculum (Key historical figures, Everyday lives, Local history and World history) so that the children know and remember more. Each topic will focus on one key thread to simplify the child’s learning. However, links to all key threads will be made as this will enable pupils to connect different topics together and become knowledgeable. Using the key threads will also help them enable to engage in debate about what is happening today and use the past to inform those opinions.

 Our intent is for the children to love History and be a fantastic historian!

 Key Curriculum Documents