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PE & Sports Premium

Primary PE and Sport Premium

The Government has given funding to every primary school in England to be used to improve the quality of the PE and sports activities offered and to develop the teaching and learning in physical education.


Funding is based upon the number of primary-aged pupils (between the ages of 5 and 11), as recorded in the annual school’s census.
Schools with 16 or fewer eligible pupils receive £500 per pupil.
Schools with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £8,000 and an additional payment of £5 per pupil.


This funding has been provided to help improve learning in PE for all children; enhance the current high quality lessons that the school already delivers, as well as introducing additional opportunities in the form of clubs and competitions.

The premium must be spent by schools on making additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport for the benefit of all pupils to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.

For example, the funding could be used to:

  • hire qualified sports coaches to work with teachers
  • provide existing staff with training or resources to help them teach PE and sport more effectively
  • introduce new sports or activities and encourage more pupils to take up sport
  • support and involve the least active children by running or extending school sports clubs, and holiday clubs
  • run sport competitions
  • increase pupils’ participation in the School Games
  • run sports activities with other schools

We have already spent this grant on:

  • Introducing children to new and different sports from the national curriculum to promote inclusion for all, including those with disabilities and those with special needs
  • Hiring specialist teachers and qualified sports coaches to work alongside our teachers in PE lessons
  • Provide opportunities to take part in inter and intra sports competitions including Schools Games events
  • Setting up a before school club to promote healthy choices and lifestyle
  • Promoting fitness and leadership skills to some of our less confident children
  • Giving extra support to our most talented children in sport
  • Improving some of our sports equipment enabling more children to participate in a variety of sports and clubs
  • Improving our links with external Community sports providers

This will impact on our children gaining new skills and experiences and our teachers learning new techniques and knowledge to aid them in teaching sport and PE.


All Primary schools must publish, on their website, information about their use of the premium. Schools should publish the amount of premium received; a full breakdown of how it has been spent (or will be spent); what impact the school has seen on pupils’ PE and sport participation. Schools should also consider how their use of the premium is giving pupils the opportunity to develop a healthy, active lifestyle.

Ofsted assesses how primary schools spend their PE and sport premium.

Please see the links below to see how we spent the funding in previous years:

Sports Premium Report 2023

Holy Trinity Primary School also aims to:

  • encourage pupils to work and play independently and with others in a range of situations.
  • develop their knowledge and understanding of health-related fitness and what is meant by a healthy lifestyle.
  • develop a range of desirable, personal and social qualities such as sportsmanship, communication and how to be a good team member.

Overall impact

Teachers will feel more confident and better equipped to teach PE. All children will receive high quality PE lessons and will make progress at least in line with national expectations. Teachers will be more informed when reporting PE ability, progress and next steps to parents/carers. Children will enjoy taking part in PE sessions and will provide positive feedback about PE.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

We are always striving to provide extra-curricular opportunities for the children at Holy Trinity Primary School.  Contact the school office to see what is currently available for your child’s year group. 

Sports, clubs and other activities outside of school

Please see useful information, on how to make sure your children are safe in clubs, sports and other activities outside of school by following this link.