Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School & Community Nursery

Provision & Learning Environment

Provision during Nursery sessions

Children will have a mixture of whole class, small group and independent time. We offer a challenging and appropriate play based curriculum, so children can become confident and independent learners. Our Nursery environment always offers a variety of activities that cover all of the seven areas of EYFS Curriculum learning both inside and outdoors.

The children’s experiences will be recorded in their Learning Journey folders which are kept in the classroom. All the adults, including parents as well as children can add learning to their folder, including observations, quotes and photos.

All sessions include a drink and fruit snack. We have a dedicated snack time as part of social development. When the children are developmentally ready, they will be encouraged to be as independent as possible and will be shown how to peel their own fruit and pour their own drinks. Free milk is available for all children Under 5’s through the government milk scheme, please register on at: www.coolmilk.com/register

Learning environment

Our Nursery is comprised of two large rooms that are connected in the middle. There are different areas of the classrooms that are dedicated to messy play such as water, sand, painting and craft type activities and other areas for role-play, construction, mark making. In addition there are cosy nooks for children to have a rest, look at a book or engage in small world play. We also have a NEW large outdoor area that is adjacent to the picturesque school playing fields. It is here that our Nursery children are able to develop their gross motor skills such as by using larger equipment, bikes and trikes as well and playing apparatus.

Whilst the Nursery is cocooned in the EYFS corridor, the children in our Nursery are able to access other facilities within the main school, such as the library, school garden and the hall for music, PE and yoga sessions.